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News from the Plymouth Parent Association (PPA)

News from the Plymouth Parent Association (PPA)

Plymouth Middle School has a very active Plymouth Panther Association (PPA), our version of a PTO, and we want you to be involved! Middle school is a time when building morale among staff, students, and the school community is vitally important. The PPA plays a pivotal role in providing experiences, opportunities, and support for the amazing PMS community. But we need everyone's help to make it happen! Here are some ways to get involved!

Volunteer at the Valentine ROAR store!

Support our WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) students as they provide a shopping experience for all of the middle schoolers. Volunteers will assist with things like making sure PAWS are signed, directing hallway traffic, and answering questions. 

Friday 2/10 2:40-4:05 in the cafeteria. Email to help out!!

Volunteer with the Book Fair!

Help how and when you can! The Book Fair runs February 21st through 28th.

Purchase freezie pops for Freezie Fridays!

Every other Friday nearly 600 kids receive freezie pops during lunch, spending 2 PAWS for a popsicle, or buying a treat for a friend. We've been working through a giant donation, but we are nearly out. There's space at the school to freeze and store them, but we need them purchased. Right now $3 buys a 35 pack at Walmart. If you are willing to buy a bunch of packs and drop them in the front office for Freezie Fridays, it would be an amazing way to support the kids!


Tuesday, February 21st at 7:00 p.m. Meeting will potentially be hybrid with both online and in-person options--more details to follow.

Our school is an awesome place. The teachers are amazing and they really care. The kids are great. But middle school is hard, winter is tough and feels endless, and morale can be low. If you have a teacher that you really like, or your kid has a teacher that means a lot to them, take a minute and send them an email and tell them how great they are. Bring them a coffee or send your kid with a caribou gift card. Volunteer to help with the ROAR store or freezy Friday or as a greeter in the mornings. Share with your friends and neighbors the things that you like about our school. The school supports our kids, and we support our school.  

Get involved in the PPA and help make PMS a place of pride!

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