Robbinsdale Area Schools

Apply for Educational Benefits

The federal government’s pandemic-inspired school meal waivers expired on June 30. This means that starting this fall, school meals will no longer be free to all students. Students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals through the Educational Benefits application will have access to meals at no cost or a reduced cost. All others will need to pay the full price.

Pricing information can be found at

Every year we ask all families to complete an Educational Benefits application. This is a big request, and we ask you to take a few moments to apply right now. 

Applying for Educational Benefits offers advantages to students in every school. By filling out an application, you will help us qualify for education funds and discounts that benefit all learners.

  • Student(s) and families may qualify for:
  • Free or reduced-price meals
  • Reduced athletic and activity fees
  • Lower admission fees to zoos and museums
  • Reduced cost for Chromebook insurance 
  • Reduced rental costs for musical instruments

To apply, complete an application online at