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Welcome to Plymouth Middle School, where new leaders embrace the remarkable changes taking place in our students - and our school. We celebrate these vital "in-between" years, when children become young adults, begin to explore their place in the world, and discover their passions. 

Our students have strong voices and are known, seen and heard by our staff. At Plymouth Middle School, we are panthers and use those strong voices to “ROAR” which means we are Respectful, Organized, Attentive and Responsible.


At Plymouth Middle School, you'll find a strong community of learners, families, and staff whose specialty is teaching students in the critical middle years. With care and support, we nurture students making the transition from childhood to adolescence. This includes a strong emphasis on social emotional learning as young people prepare for increasing independence, both academic and personal. 

We reinforce and build on the academic basics of elementary school and offer a variety of electives, activities and athletics. By the end of eighth grade, students have the study skills and confidence to succeed in high school.


Plymouth Middle Schools continues the district's Spanish Immersion program. Plymouth Panthers who attended Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion take three classes per day in Spanish: Science, Social Studies and Spanish Language Arts. The program helps students continue to develop bilingual, biliterate, bicultural fluency. 


PMS is a full-service community school (FSCS), which means we focus on academics, health, social services, youth development, and community engagement to improve student learning and strengthen families and communities.


Students who complete middle school at Plymouth will enroll in Armstrong High School or Cooper High School depending on their home address.

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