Understanding Test Scores

RIT Score-This is your score on the test. This number can be thought of like the inches when measuring height. 54 inches is the same height regardless of the age of the person being measured. It is a “standard score.” This is an individualized score. A score is a “good” score for you if it is growing. Just like with height, if you stop growing, or shrink, there may be a concern.

Percentile Rank- Percentile rank tells you how your standard score compares to a group of your peers. A percentile rank of 50 means you have a higher score than about half the kids your age and a lower score than about half the kids your age. That child who is 54 inches tall (4½ ft) in 2nd grade would be tall compared to their peers. Being 54 inches tall in 12th grade may make a person shorter than most of their peers.

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